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Import Export Utility Enhancements that are severely needed

1. The GUI is too small to be useful. when we add multiple search terms everything gets all cramped up. I should be able to at least full screen the thing
2. The information flaw is problematic. This is a very common case scenario for a very common need: the need to collect evidence for an e-discovery job by the Legal Department.

- For a specific date range
- For a specific set of search criteria
- Do a search and export the results in folders and save them in DVDs and send them over

The GUI fails in multiple places
1. It won't remember the settings. Every time you finish a search & export, you have to start from scratch - scratch meaning that you have to enter the GFI mail archiver URL and verify it, that much scratch
2. It won't let you save the search critera set so that you can apply the same search to different mail boxes and export them separately. Right now you have to painstalkingly do the same search, enter the same criteria one by one in that cramped little screen
3. It won't let you do boolean searches of "real life". A real life boolean search is this: for all the emails sent last month search for keyword A, or keyword B and keyword C, excluding keyword D and phrase E. Right now you have to do 5 different searches to get this result. And you cannot combine the results
4. It has no connection to the front end. The search & export functionality should be provided in the web GUI as well, having to use this inferior app to do a search & export makes no sense.
5. When a set is exported, there should be an XMl file in the export set that details the search criteria, mailbox, everything that was set to get the export out. This is not just a necessity, but a must for a legal compliance issue.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2011-11-07]
    Hi Cem,

    Thank you for your detailed post. We recognize that the Import Export utility has much room for improvement.

    We are actively working on improvements and will be releasing updates in due course.

    Brian Azzopardi - GFI

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2012-03-26]
    We have MA for e-discovery. Yet searching without Boolean parameters makes this a clumsy effort!

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