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WhiteLabel Softphone Vendor Support of IOS Updates

With the latest release of IOS (IOS 11.0), the "White Label" VIOP vendor that is currently used by Kerio-Operator clients on iPhones/iPads has again failed to come up to speed with the IOS Release Date.

This makes 3 years in a row!

These dates are published by Apple far in advance of a release and Apple actively encourages all "APP" owners to test their products while IOS is in BETA and to be ready to release updated APPs (when necessary) to support the latest release of IOS.

For the 3rd year in a row, the "While Label" vendor has failed to not only be ready for an IOS release, but almost a week into the new version has neither an ESTIMATED date to support IOS nor any announced plans to fix problems in the app when using IOS.

This year's "Problem" is that if you try to dial an extension (for example 118), the Soft Phone on IOS translates that to 181... which of course fails.

There may be other problems, but since we cannot dial most of our extensions, we cannot even use the soft phone at this point.

Please consider either replacing the "White Label" vendor or giving them a swift kick to get them up to speed on proper product support.

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