How can we improve Kerio Control?

Remove version number

Simple idea really and something simple to do I would think. Remove the Kerio software version from the webmail interface and firewall login, and on that note any other areas where it would be visible to users.

I have two reasons for wanting removal.

1. Security - eg. if a particular version of a Kerio product has a flaw and someone logging into it/hacking it etc. is thinking about doing something malicious then all they need to do to get started is to look to see if the version already has any known flaws.

2. This is directed at Kerio Control, we have a domain in which users transparently login to the proxy to gain internet access. My machine is not part of the domain so therefore I get prompted each time for my U/P. That's fine and all but I save my U/P just cause I'm lazy ;p but everytime there is an update for the firewall and the version number changes Windows stores another set of credentials. So my laziness and reason 1 are why I want this gone as well.

My 2 cents :)

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