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Provide option in Admin Console to release http blocks when license close to expiring

I have recently experienced an issue where my Control firewall was within a week of expiring. This is ok, since I have ordered the renewal. However, while I am waiting for the renewal, my servers that do not have a desktop are unable to make outbound http connections. On desktops, if someone tries to access a website, a windows appears that alerts the user of the pending license expiration and provides them a link to click and proceed with their session. On a headless server, there is no browser and upon talking to kerio techs, there is no option in the Console to bypass this alert or to manually release a device from this alert warning. This is not good and is causing lots of grief. Please either allow us to disable these alerts or to put in a way to manually release the alert and allow full http access from all devices on the LAN.

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