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Centralized Licensing for multi-location organizations.

We have clients with multiple locations and would like to have centralized licensing so that users can move between locations and have a single user account, single license, single VPN, single reporting account, etc.

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  • Ken Snyder commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Brian Thomas has a partner (Vosinc) with an opportunity that fits this model as well. 3 locations with 15-users at each. Occasionally they have all-hands meetings at 1 of the 3 sites. Currently, the licensing model for NG300-25 would leave them with a segment of users who have ID/Password at their home site, but when they travel to another office, they'd be forced to use the guest network. A multi-location licensing model would alleviate this. All 45 employees could have a legitimate ID/Password at each location and allow free travel between sites in a secure manner with full access to resources like printers, file servers, etc. which would not be available to employees on the guest network.

  • Mészáros Gyula commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Now it became really important for us, too. There are two main locations of the company using the same domain. Unfortunately the b...dy Firefox uses only the DNS method of automatic proxy discovery, so all the Firefoxes use the main firewall as a proxy.
    On the other hand there are groups of people who visit the other location for e.g. meetings. There is cumbersome to buy licenses twice for 15 persons who belong to the same organization, same domain...
    It may be similar as the Connect multi-server. Lack of this feature was almost a showstopper at a recent deal, all the IT guys of the customer kept asking why the licenses cannot be combined...

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