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provide to test wan link speed

plz provide to test my wan speed. bcz ISP's are some times to change my bandwidth. it is really use to test my WAN link speed

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  • Bart Mooney commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also have this issue, our internet has been cable for 2 years now. "Only Option" This summer, AT&T is installing Fiber to local premiss to address the issue of the rotting cable in the ground.

    Cable speeds change all the time, we have 3 - 50M/5M circuits to get the desired bandwidth required. The modems almost never go red Off-Line, and can always ping their own internal gateway. So the ability of internet traffic to pass, is always in question.

    It would be nice for all services, to be able to test and adjust the bandwidth on the bandwidth management page. our internet is a good strong 50M/5M from 8am to about 4pm, then all goes to h**l sometimes dropping to 3M/.3M. We also have 2 backups, U-verse 18M/.75M (Copper, Down over 20 times a day), and wireless 3M/.75M. The bandwidth manager should be able to adjust for these environmental (I refer to poor infrastructure) issues we have to endure.

    As always Kerio is a great product, and I know of no other product that would allow these type of conditions to keep us in Business. Been with you since Windows Ver 6. Love the Linux update, years ago. Thank you..

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