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More options for administrators or edit mailserver.cfg / user.cfg from Admin UI


could you implement more options for different objects in the Admin UI or allow to edit the mailserver.cfg and user.cfg files directly from Admin UI to eliminate necessity of stopping Kerio before editing the CFG file in the FS?

There are many hidden but required and already implemented features in Kerio but they are only accessible from direct editing the files and have no UI.

E.g. we want to be able to see original subject of the appoinments in resource calendars by default. Everytime when we add new resource, we have to stop kerio and update mailserver.cfg manually. The description for these changes in mailserver.cfg are provided often by Kerio employees in Kerio KB or on Kerio Forum:

Some users find the solutions theirselves:

For many options it should be really easy with current JS framework to add a few input objects into admin UI, in this case for setting "ClearEventSubject" and "AllowMultipleReservation" and program code for these options to update these values in the mailserver.cfg.

Thank you.

Robert Wolf.

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