How can we improve Kerio Connect Client?

Change info text on reply messages back

If I reply on an email I get just the following information on the quote:
Mustermann, Max <> , 22.03.2013 7:45:

I prefer the old style which is also used with MS Outlook:
From: Mustermann, Max [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 7:45 AM
Subject: Improvement of Kerio Web Client

Please change it back the the more informative info text or make it configurable.

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    I agree, we desperately need these mail headers to be in between every message that gets forwarded or replied to. Its virtually impossible to read through a long email chain and know who all is involved and at what stage without these details. Please bring this feature back! It works perfectly in the old webmail still thankfully.

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