How can we improve GFI WebMonitor

sooo much items

- difficult GUI
- no central configuration
- no integrated Loadbalancing in case of more webmonitors
- No takeover of the security-settings in case of upgrading from V2013
- No cumulated reporting over more webmonitors

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    Thank you for your feedback.

    Taking the items you mentioned:
    - If you believe the GUI is difficult, please highlight the areas you identified to be problematic, with suggestions if possible, and we will definitely analyze them / consider them for future releases.
    - Central configuration and central reporting over multiple WebMonitor instances is not yet in place, it is considered for future releases. As an alternate solution for managing central configurations, please see within the Interface\Bin folder a tool called WebMon.SettingsImporterTool.exe which can be used to easily export / import the application's settings.
    - Simple load balancing can be currently achieved via WPAD configurations, this is what most software applications do which control network traffic. The proxypac.pac file can be edited to provide different proxies for different machines on your network, so they pass through different instances of WebMonitor. If you wish to know more about this, please contact us.
    - Settings are automatically imported from WebMonitor 2013 instances when an upgrade is made. If you experience a different behavior, please open a case with GFI support and provide all the details on what is not being imported so an analysis can be made by us.

    Thank you!

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