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Performance issues with IP Ranges

There is a major software performance issue when using large amounts of IP Ranges.

We only have 1000 devices in our boarding school but use different subnet for each year (eg 192.168.14.* / 192.168.15.* etc for each year they leave). This allows us to bulk remove them when they leave and also schedule internet access times / access rules depending on year / boarding house.

Problem is that when you use an IP range rule GFI Webmonitor checks the rules against every INDIVIDUAL IP address in that range, so if you add more that 4 or 5 ranges then the software hangs, the internet goes down, and then you can't even load up the rule to remove the ranges as it just keeps timing out and crashing!!!! MAJOR PROGRAMMING FLAW!!! Have to stop the service and restore database from last backup.

IP Ranges, yes great, but can we also have option of setting rules by subnet? so It just looks to see "is this user in the 192.168.14. range" rather than "is this user, no, is this user, no, is this user etc etc.....

At the moment this software is not capible of doing what we purchased it for.

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