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WebMonitor Policy Tester

A policy tester would be a welcomed feature.

Where once a policy has been altered you could test the policy by selecting an user and inputting a website or url patch. WebMon could check that request and confirm if it is allowed or blocked.

I feel this would assist in letting you know that the policy is configured correctly or indeed if a separate policy is blocking it all before you inform the end user that their alteration has been made.

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  • Gareth Shaw commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2013-02-12]
    Select a User, Group or IP.
    Type in the URL to check
    Select a Time
    Click run test....

    This would return the list of rules it was checked against in the order and whether it was denied or allowed by each rule.

    This allows for thorough and detailed rule validation without having to run the tests on individual machines while logged in as a specfic user.

    If a conflicting rule is created and with the current setup this is VERY easy to do, casing point.... 2 hours on the phone to your tech team and even they were confused as to how to setup some of the rules I wanted (some weren't even possible). A rule validator is vital!

    Perhaps an IFrame allowing the site to be run to see exactly what is returned BUT having a breakdown of the rules and the ORDER in which they are run I think is vital.

  • Product Management commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2014-06-05]
    We are significantly changing both the logic behind the policies, and the UI. Thus, for each policy, you will have a counter to see how many times it was triggered, together with other information. It is not exactly what you are suggesting, for now, but it will help out with the initial pain point.

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