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Sort Apple wpad or PAC file issues

All apple products seem to default to "no proxy settings", i.e. unlike Microsoft which defaults all browsers and connections to Auto Detect Proxy settings Apple doesn't.

This is to speed up connection time but also is a huge security loop hole. Now I'm NOT expecting GFI to be able to fix the inherant setup of Apple products but investigate a work around for visiting clients with Apple products so I can still stop them using undesirable sites.

This is ONLY an issue with the GFI WebMonitor running in Simple Proxy mode, in gateway all traffic is routed regardless so you don't need to setup WPAD in either DHCP or DNS.

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    [Comment date: 2013-05-10]
    GFI WebMonitor is developing new capabilities to be able to resolve these issues.

    David Attard - GFI WebMonitor

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