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Filter Uploads against filetypes

It will be a good selling point for the german market to filter uploads. Some customer will prohibit to upload confidential documents to webmailer or only storage provider. The possiblity is also given in mailsecurity to define which content could be send or received. To complete the data leakage policy for SMTP and HTTP in companies it is a must to filter the upload of file(types) over HTTP.

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  • Kevin Hope commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ive just contacted GFI support regarding the exact same feature request and they directed me to this post.
    It would be a great feature of Webmonitor to be able to allow staff to view their web based emails but block them from uploading files from their work computers as attachments.
    Also to ban the download of attachments as well and even specific types of attachments.

    This could be applied to a policy blocking specific lower staff members, while allowing higher level staff to be able to upload and download files to web based emails.

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