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Single detailed PDF report for all quarantined (or blocked) emails for all users

We looking for a single PDF report that contains every single email that was either blocked or quarantined. PDF to be emailed on a schedule to one ore more email accounts.

Currently I can create a custom report that can be emailed each day, but the options are only "Emails Blocked" which is Ok, but the report only shows me a high 10,000 ft level of the # of emails. I would like to drill down to ground roots and get a list of each and every email that was blocked for each and every single email account.

Currently we can also generate a report to email each individual their own list of blocked emails but again, not what is required as senior executives (or partners) do not care to sift through their own report each day.

We occasionally get emails that are blocked (incorrectly) and we are a law firm and can NOT afford to have any false positives. (aka emails that are blocked that should not be blocked)

We wish to assign an employee to review one detailed PDF report each and every day, that lists every single email blocked for all users.

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