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Resolve MailEssentials design failure regarding free RAM percentage for SpamTag instead of ADSI

as it`s in the nature of any MS Database, including MS Exchange, the DB grabs as much RAM as available, needed or not. Out-of-the-box there is in opposite to MS SQL Server also no Exchange Feature to limit the RAM usage.
Only ADSI could be used to set some Exchange limits, but as this could cause other problems with Exchange Update Rollups, migrations, or the general Exchange performance, this would be a last resort for a skilled Exchange and AD admin.
To solve the problem with the SpamTag URL check while installing, if there isn`t more then 10% free RAM on the Exchange Server, MailEssentials should be re-designed to request some of the ESE reserved
RAM back in the right fashion so that ADSI needn`t be used. Alternatively, the installation of MailEssentials on a domain member server should be capabele to scan internal traffic, which would be a prefered solution considering compatibility issues and
also offers a solution for a smarthost in a DMZ without additional costs.

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