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Spam email that was Whitelist positive

I have a spam email that is getting through as a whitelist entry. I have scoured the whitelist and cannot figure out which entry it matches. It would be REALLY nice to have a place where I could enter the "From" email address and see which whitelist entry (regular or Auto) it is associated with.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2013-08-02]
    I'm not sure what version of MailEssentials you're using, so this may not be possible. However, in MailEssentials 2012 and in version 12, you can export the whitelist (not the auto-whitelist, but the manually-entered whitelist). You could then search the export file for the address (and, if not found, then the domain) in question.

    In MailEssentials 2012, the configuration's auto-whitelist screen and manual whitelist screen both allow you to search, so you could directly search for the address/domain in question.

    I agree that these methods are not convenient, and they require MailEssentials administrator access, but they may achieve what you want, provided they are available in your version of MailEssentials.

    I would also like to see an option on the whitelist screens to add an X-header to the whitelisted messages. That way, it would be clear that the message bypassed the anti-spam filters because it was whitelisted (and, preferably, why it was whitelisted -- manual whitelist, auto-whitelist, IP whitelist, etc).

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    [Comment date: 2013-08-09]
    Excellent idea, which unfortunately will probably go nowhere :(

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