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GFI Mailessentials Dashboard Log

Going through the dashboard log, I wish you added some more information. '1' you have 'sender' but that necessarily isn't the 'from' field'. Please add the 'from' field or add an option where you can choose the fields you want. '2', please add an option to show 10,20,30,50,100 instead of having 140 pages to go through. '3'. Please add better filters. I would like to filter by scan result details, such as 'the blocked' reason... not sure all 'blocked'. so if I want to see all messages blocked by spamrazer, or spoofed email, or directory harvesting, I can filter out just those instead of just 'blocked' which encompasses all of them. I already noted this in prior suggestion, but in the 'details' section that should have a lot more detail, such as the email header info so you can determine how you can adjust filters if needed without having ot release a message.

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  • Matt Michaels commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2013-07-29]
    I think this is a great request. I would also add that it would be nice to identify the reason for whitelisting.
    Currently it just shows "whitelisted" but you would have to go in the logs to see if it was "email whitelisted" or "IP whitelisted". This information would asve a few steps.

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