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Whitelist for keyword filtering

With ME 2010 the keyword checking is a part of the anti-spam filters. If the whitelist is positioned higher in filter priority than keyword checking, emails from whitelisted senders aren’t checked by keyword checking.
With ME 2012 keyword checking isn’t longer a part of the anti-spam filters. It’s now part of the content filtering (imported rule by the upgrade). Due to this, emails from whitelisted senders are always checked by keyword filtering and could be blocked.
The result of this changed behavior is that a lot of good emails are blocked now.
The GFI support team told me that it is a change in design.
It would be great if there is an option that a keyword filtering rule isn’t applied on a whitelisted sender.

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  • Daniel Williams commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2012-07-17]
    This functionality was restored in build 20120618 (SR1) under the option "Spam Keyword Filtering"

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