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Granular actions for each anti-spam check in MailEssentials

Granular actions for each anti-spam check in MailEssentials.

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    [Comment date: 2014-09-10]
    We've had a situation where we used the Content Filtering -> Keyword Filtering feature to block emails regarding Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, etc. and we had some legitimate emails containing the workd 'specialist' because it contains the word 'cialis'. In order to combat that, we had to remove the legitimate spelling of the word from the policy, and instead use the Anti-Spam Filters -> Spam Keyword Checking option. The issue with that is, we leave that Spam Keyword Checking feature set to deliver mail to the Outlook Junk E-mail folder, because we have just enough legitimate mail that his the filters that we want to let people get those, if they need them. However, for stuff like Cialis, inappropriate ****** content, etc. we'd like to have the ability to delete those emails, but still have the legitimate ones come through if they're from a previously whitelisted address. As such, it would be extremely helpful if individual Spam Keyword Checking lists could be created in the same manner they are via the Content Filter keyword lists, so that actions can be chosen based on the list, rather than an "all or none" scenario as it stands now.

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