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Export tool is painful

I'm using the export tool for a legal discovery request and it's very painful to use. I'm not sure why it was designed the way it is because it makes this process much harder than it needs to be.

The current process is to verify the server connection, then search for a mailbox, then you have to click find and wait 5-10 minutes to see results (don't forget to uncheck the 5,000 limit if you expect a whole mailbox export - even though in the previous step I already told you entire mailbox), then click next and pick a destination file (and don't forget to check the maintain folder structure although I don't see that this feature actually does anything), then wait an hour or more for an export to finish.

Multiplied by 18 times over because I have 18 people that I need to do this for.

I know you can't speed up the actual data export, that's limited by a bunch of things, but the process could be greatly improved with a few changes.

Here is my version of a perfect export tool for legal discovery.

ONE screen, 4 sections.

Section 1. Server name, verify button.

Section 2. Mailbox name, verify button. ONLY verifies that the mailbox exists.

(optional button to calculate the total size of the export data with a method to cancel that request at any time if it turns out to be too long to wait on)

Section 3. Export location.


They you can fil in the next mailbox and the next and the next until you get all of them queued.

Then you push start and walk away for days while it does its thing without me having to babysit it the whole way through.

And if there are any errors, then produce a log and save all the errors in a text file PER EXPORT in the same destination as the PST and under no circumstances should there be any limits or any mechanism that would bail out of the export for any reason until it is complete.

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