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Folder Structure Retrieval should include the Deleted Items folder

For many of my users, myself included, the Inbox folder is used to store all currently relevant emails. Emails are not filed into a subfolder until they are no longer relevant or current. Spam or unnecessary emails are deleted and sent to the Deleted Items folder, so the only emails that should remain in the inbox are current important emails.

We have Mailbox Folder Structure Retrieval enabled in our environment, so the emails that the users organize into subfolders are correctly synchronized into the same subfolders in their GFI mailboxes. However, this does not apply to items that were deleted.

If a user deletes an email from their Inbox, the message gets placed into the Deleted Items folder in the user's live mailbox. However, the message does not get moved to the GFI Mailbox's Deleted Items folder like I would expect. Instead, the email is left in the Inbox in the Archiver mailbox. This makes for a very messy Inbox folder in the GFI Mailbox which is difficult to search through due to the large number of junk emails which would've otherwise been moved to Deleted Items.

Is there a way to enable Folder Structure Retrieval to include Deleted Items? if not, this feature should be added.

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