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To give the GFI Outlook Archive Assistant Client a lock down option to only archive one user mailbox or specified mailed boxes (where a user has more than one mailbox configured under their Outlook profile). Also, a schedule option to automate the archiving via the GFI outlook client. This request may seem odd, but we have a weird situation where we can’t access our Exchange servers directly to setup journaling etc, so the GFI Outlook Archive Assistant Client would be as good as we could get if we had these extra options. Right now, I’m having difficulty convincing management to adopt the solution (700 users) due to these current option limitations.

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The Archive Assitant can already be used via a schedule. Simply go to Archive Sources … Archive Assistant in the GFI Archiver web console and update the default import settings.

You can set it to automatically collect emails every 1, 2 etc minutes

Regarding exclusions, it should be possible but that’s a manual configuration on each workstation.

Archiving of duplicate data should not be an issue since GFI Archiver adopts a single storage methodology and only one instance of an email is archived.


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