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I ran into a situation where we were one mailbox out of compliance and the whole GFI Mail Archiver stopped archiving mail. I can appreciate that GFI needs to make sure no one steals their product, but going about it this way works against our need to archive due to compliance and backup, and is detrimental to Exchange Server, at least 2003 with the 74 GB limit. Before I started at this company, this went unchecked. There were a number of system and resource mailboxes that were not excluded and busted the licensed user limit. The journal was filling up at an high rate. When the Information store got close to 75 GB, the users were told to clean up the mailboxes, and the outsource involved also performed an Exmerge to further gain some space. Due to single-instance storage and the fact that the Journal mailbox kept a copy, their cleanup efforts had not effect, and the IS crashed. From here there were far reaching negative impacts to both business and the Exchange system itself. It has not been quite right since. A chunck of email was lost, I suspect those that were in the journal mailbox waiting to be archived. I think the practice of stopping all archival due to a small oversight is a poor practice and works against the very reason we use your product. It would be far more appropriate to deny user access, kicking back a message alerting the user to why, so then the user can call the help desk, report the problem so we can then react by purchasing additional licensing, and/or exclude mailboxes that do not need to be archived. This would certainly allow your product to NOT put your customers at risk while at the same time keeping us honest. Now I get the emails from GFI MA so I can keep tabs on it easier, but what if overnight something goes horribly wrong, our IS get’s hosed due to the journal filling up the server, then it cannot send an email to me alerting me to the problem. A catch-22 that should be avoided. I hope you consider this logic and make a change to future build that handles this situation with more grace than it is currently handled. Thank you, Mike Sirois. Medicus - Customer number 166953

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  • Oscar Moreno commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2013-01-12]
    I would not notify the user. Notify the admin. In all reality, the archive should continue to run with a license warning on the dashboard. Give enterprises a 10% cushion so they can adjust with growth spurts and changes easily. This is a popular solution with lots of vendors like Juniper, Cisco, Microsoft to name a few.

  • Product Management commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    [Comment date: 2013-05-13]
    The product keeps on working for a grace period giving clear indications in the interface.

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