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Host Archiver on Azure with AzureDB

I set up my own test of Archiver on Azure. The idea was to have an Azure VM with Windows 2012 running the frontend and the to use AzureDB as database, rather than installing a SQL server in the VM.

Setting up the VM and installing Archiver was of course no problem. And setting up AzureDB and migrating my on-prem SQL server databases was just as easy. The problem I ran into is that AzureDB (in reality a shared SQL server) uses a slightly different approach to setting up database users and permissions. And because the archive storage wizard in Archiver insists on creating its own database user account for each database, the wizard fails.

So, if you either make Archiver aware of AzureDB and create user accounts accordingly or simply allow the user the possibility to setup database user accounts manually and enter the credentials in the wizard, hosting Archiver on Azure would be entirely possible. And also cheap, reliable, accessible and all the other superlatives that come with the cloud!

My reason for wanting to use AzureDB is the we have an old SQL 2005 as backend for our Archiver and a new SQL server license is quite costly. And since we store our emails in the SQL server, SQL express + file storage isn't an option. I know the emails can be extracted and re-imported, but for 8 years of archives with over 200 GB of data that would be a very lengthy process. And I would lose the folder structure too.

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