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Through outbound web service, need to be able to define a local fax cover page when sending a fax

by using web service, there is no way to provide our own cover page (local path). we have a complex logic to select cover page depending on the recipient.

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Can you please provide the use case of the coverpages as you require it.

While we have no means to set a CP with recipient logic it would ideal to have more info for consideration.


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  • AdminWilliam England (Admin, GFI) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Is each tenant a single person / multiple people / or groups of people all falling under a Company and the company is the tenant.

    There are ways to set a coverpage for a company so need to understand the multi-tenant design you use.

  • Zhiyuan Zhang commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We have a system (web application) integrated with Microsoft Fax Server. The system is a multi-tenants application which will allow each tenant to customize their own fax cover page for faxing.
    Each tenant could upload their *.COV file (this is the format supported by Microsoft Fax Server) to the system. When doing the faxing, system will get the COV file and pass it to Fax Server.
    We are moving the application to the cloud now. We would like to retire the Microsoft Fax Server. Instead, we tried to use GFI FaxMaker Online outbound web service as a faxing engine.
    We have tired "SendFax" API and "SendFaxEx" API. But we couldn't find a way to provide cover page.
    Here are all our questions:
    1. Could we use existing COV cover page with your API?
    2. If NOT, what kind of format should be? Any guide of how to create a fax cover page file?
    3. We allow user to upload their cover page to our system. That's why all cover page will be stored locally (not GFI online portal). Is there any way to send fax with customized cover page through your API? Could you provide some code samples? (any language is fine, we could understand. C# example would be the best)

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