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Confirmation email returns attachment of what was sent

When receiving a confirmation email back from GFI it would be great to be able to have attached to that email a copy of the fax items that were sent. This is great for being able to confirm the item was received correctly at the other end and no pages where missed due to human error.

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  • Ben Klomsten commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this feature would be very helpful for us to have and also help with legal issues as proof of delivery of HIPPA paperwork.

    It appears you already have API feature documentation that would allow for this:


    Indicates if the email notification should also
    include the delivered image. This field can
    have the following values.
    0 - Do not include delivered image
    1 – Include delivered image on successful
    delivery only.
    2 – Include delivered image on failed delivery
    3 – Include delivered image on successful and failed delivery.

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