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A more robust command-line tool.

We have been using EventsManager for several years and the management console is very slow to load, change tabs and limited in what you are allowed to see and manipulate.

This is a problem in itself, but my suggestion is to offer sys admins a more robust alternative to the GUI interface. I recognize GFI does offer some command-line tools (such as ESMCmdConfig.exe, EsmDlibM.exe, etc.), but these only allow control of general management settings and are mostly used to manipulate the event database.

Specifically, it would be helpful to have the following cmd-line features (in order to script management):
- Move event sources from one group to another based on parameters (e.g. "Name includes *DC*")
- Start/Stop scan of both individual event source or group
- Display in terminal running and queued jobs
- Start/stop jobs based on parameters
- Automatically delete event sources based on parameters (e.g. computers that are offline or not responding)
- Create custom reports in a terminal window and redirect/append them to a specified file.

All of the above would be much faster to do in a terminal window than in the graphical interface.

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