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Hierarchical Event Source Groups

In our environment, it would be very beneficial to create "Event Sources Groups" inside other "Event Sources Groups" all while keeping "Inherit from Parent" as an available option across ALL configuration items in that sub-group.

This is the reason behind this request. I manage multiple domains. The default groups you have in place are nice, but I end up tweaking credentials for servers in our different domains to use the correct login information.

What I wanted to do was something like:

domain1 - Set the default properties for the group here, i.e. Login Information, Active Monitoring Alerts, etc.
- domain1\Domain Controllers - A group within the domain1 group. Settings here would add to or override the defaults for the domain1.lan group for my domain controllers, i.e., DNS events log capture
- domain1\Web Servers
- etc.

Then I could have a similar tree of groups for domain2, domain3, etc.

Also hugely beneficial would be the ability to create a new group based off the of settings of an existing group. So in this case, I could simply copy domain1 for the domain2 group and all I would really need to update is the logon credentials. I then would copy the domain1\Domain Controllers subgroup to create my domain2\Domain Controllers sub-group.

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking most if not all the capture setting I want configured would be that same for all of my domain controllers in all of my domains.

Heck, copying the entire settings group tree from domain1 to a new group tree for domain2 would be even better to minimize the copying and creating all accross the board.

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