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Customize names for EventsManager Scheduled Report attachments

I would like to control the naming of the pdf attachments of Events Manager scheduled reports. Previous versions of Events Manager and SELM were consistent with their attachment names (i.e. always named sched0_xxxxx.pdf, sched1_xxxxxx.pdf, etc.). This allowed us to run a script to rename them to something descriptive i.e. AAA - Account Lockout Report.pdf. We have several customers who we perform network monitoring for and the automated renaming script, although not ideal, was efficient.

With Events Manager 2012 there is no consistency in the names of the report attachments. Since they are completely random we are unable to know which report is which. This is becoming terribly inefficient for our network monitoring staff.

Ideally we would like to control the name of the pdf attachment from the scheduled reports. At the very least we would like to have the reports named like they were in all previous versions so we can key on the names to perform a scripted rename.

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