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Traveler program need not require user to have local admin rights to run.

In my POC environment, all of the PCs & Laptops in the POC network will have the GFI End Point Security installed but the rest of the corporate PCs & laptops are not install with GFI and thus required the Traveller. And that's why I cannot agreed with the requirement of the users must has local PCs or Laptops Administrators privilege before he/sh could use the traveler.

We will not have the direction to replace my existing DLP endpoint solution with GFI just because of this requirement. Thus, I am requesting for this feature to be added into GFI and this is good for the GFI product sales as well. Because the McAfee HDLP & the Kanguru thumb drive even the TrueCrypt do not has such a requirement for any PCs & Laptops that does not has the agent install.

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