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Kerio Connect Client - Integrate IMAP/POP3 external account

Possibility to add external imap/pop3 account on personal profile (like gmail, smartermail and other web client)

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  • Eddy Brinkman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently, retrieving POP3 mailboxes is controlled only by a scheduler (see ch. 12.7 'Scheduling') where - for example - mail can be retrieved every 15 minutes. However, if I want to retrieve mail as a user in between those 15 minutes, first I have to login as admin and press the 'Download Now' button in 'Delivery', and then login as a user to the Client environment to download the mail.

    Would it be possible to update the mail list directly with a 'POP3 download' button in Kerio Connect Client, so without the 'admin' step mentioned above?

  • Jon Neill commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Gmail, and some other email service platforms, allow a user to:
    1. Create a main account on the platform
    2. Use that platform's webmail interface to use third-party email accounts via IMAP

    Once of the big limitations of using Kerio is that the webmail interface cannot include 3rd-party email (unless it is imported at the server level via POP3) and using 3rd-party email in Outlook requires using separate accounts instead of attaching the accounts to the Kerio account. Kerio could make their solution much more "portable" if a user could simply associate all third-party accounts to the Kerio account and then, upon installing KOC on a new system or accessing webmail on a new device, they would instantly see all accounts instead of having to perform a manual setup each time a new device is used.

    Please add the following functionality:
    1. A user can associate third-party email accounts (that allow access via IMAP) with the user's Kerio account, via webmail or KOC settings. The email can be optionally (a) accessed remotely via IMAP only, or (b) accessed via IMAP and cached and/or stored in the Kerio mail store for archiving and/or performance improvements.
    2. In webmail, a user can send, receive, and administer email for an associated 3rd-party account via IMAP.
    3. In KOC, a user can send, receive, and administer email for an associated 3rd-party account via IMAP.

  • Arno Schenk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'd love to see per-user POP3 Download settings, configurable within the webmail interface.
    This feature should include a quota of allowed POP3 accounts per user.

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