How can we improve Kerio Connect?

Allow us to customize incoming and outgoing settings installed by the Kerio Account Assistant in Apple Mail.

The Kerio Account Assistant does not allow us to customize exactly what incoming and outgoing IMAP settings to use when we run the install package. Because of this, I always have to go into Mail, and tweak the settings to the way I want them. I prefer to use port 993 with SSL for incoming, and port 587 with SSL, and outgoing authentication for outgoing email. There appears to be no way to customize this. Also, we need to be able to add our own Apple developer install certificate to the Kerio Account Assistant. If you make these changes, you will make it a lot easier for us to instruct end users to run the Kerio Account Assistant on their own. As it is right now, they first get confused by the Apple Gatekeeper warning, and they then have to make the changes that I noted above to get their email to work right.

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