How can we improve Kerio Connect?

We need to be able to add more than just the GAL to Apple's Contacts app.

This has been annoyance of mine for years. We can only get the global address list to load into Apple's Contacts app, and we must use the Kerio Account Assistant to do it. This is actually the ONLY reason why I use the Kerio Account Assistant. I can setup everything else manually. We can load shared calendars, and public calendars into Apple's Calendar app, but we cannot load shared contacts, or public contacts lists. That's a big problem. I recently made contact with a developer at Apple who has expressed an interest in working on this problem, but without Kerio being interested in being part of the solution, he will ultimately give this up and move on

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    That is a really big problem. We tested a few configuration managed by MDM Software like Profilmanager. But there is no way to get it run. 1 or 2 times of 100 the configuration maybe runs.

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