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Allow select preferred/primary email address to be used in GAL

It would be great, if Kerio could support to enable/disable GAL visible email addresse. By default Kerio creates for every user the address USERNAME@DOMAIN. If some use some special names as USERNAME, this email address should not be visible. Instead, Admin creates Firstname.Lastname@DOMAIN address for every user, which should be visible in GAL and in recipient field of new message but the USERNAME@DOMAIN should not be visible in GAL and recipient field of new message. Kerio can still use all email addresses for delivery, but do not show them all. Only preferred.

This is works Novell Groupwise.

Thank you.


Robert Wolf.

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  • Athos Lafranchi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree: just installed Kerio Connect at a customer's site, they have around 70 users.
    The users are created in Kerio from the Active Directory, the problem is that the usernames in AD are like firstname.lastname, but the email addresses must be There should be a way to say "the primary and official address is, hide all the others" from GAL and in KOFF. Users just get confused when they see all their available email addresses when they know they have only one... If the official address is only one, I don't want the users to see all the aliases of their mailboxes.

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