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Import calendar and contacts data from Kerio Connect Client

I'm going to post this again since the other entries on this topic don't seem to have received any attention. I am in the process of moving a customer onto my company's shared hosting Kerio Connect server. I am going to need to important a lot of calendar and contacts data. While I can use Migration Wiz to move the email over, I cannot use it to move the calendars and contacts data. Kerio must give us this ability in the Kerio Connect Client, or in the Kerio admin interface, preferably in both. Without this ability, I have to configure the Apple Calendar and Contacts apps for each user's account, and then import everything that way. This makes the process very slow since these apps don't always work very fast. I could use third party CalDAV and CardDAV clients, but the process will be exactly the same. Having the ability to import this data directly into the Kerio Connect server would be great. If Kerio wants for its partners to be able to sell Kerio Connect to customers, then we must have this ability. Otherwise, you condemn us to slow and painfull migration processes that may make the customer think twice about moving to Kerio Connect. Please add this ability soon. This is not one for the product "back log".

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