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Feature for embedded SVG graphics into a mail

It would be very nice if the webmailer was able to display and embed SVG graphics in a mail.

I just tried to embed an SVG image into an email using the webmailer which did not work (file type not supported).

However, I use Thunderbird to access the Kerio Connect mail server (via IMAP) and I can embed SVG images and save the draft without any warning from the server. When I take a look at that draft inside the webmailer, the SVG has been removed and the alternative text is being displayed.

When I receive an email inside the webmailer which contains an embedded SVG file, there is no image and inside the source code all SVG tags have been removed.

Actually, all of our employees use the webmailer (which works fine) and no external mail client such as Thunderbird is required, so it would be great if the Kerio Connect webmailer would additionally support that format.

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