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Customize the Kerio Account Assistant

For years, I have been using the Kerio Account Assistant to configure Macs for mail, contacts, calendars, notes, and messages. And for years, I have been requesting that Kerio allow admins to customize the settings that are applied by the account assistant. I think we should be able to customize what ports are setup for mail. Specifically, I prefer to use port 587 instead of 465. There are some ISPs that will not allow the use of port 465 for SMTP, and using port 465 often makes sending emails take several seconds longer than using port 587. Also, it's difficult to have users do their own configuration because of the Gatekeeper alert that pops up when they try to open the installer package. I know that all it takes is a right-click and open, but users don't always follow instructions, and this should be made simpler. Why not allow Kerio admins to install an Apple developer installer certficate, and include it in the account assistant installer? Since I create software installers for distribution to the Macs I manage, I include the certificate to avoid the Gatekeeper alerts. I also have the Macs that I manage setup to not allow a user to override the Gatekeeper warning. This is for security, and to keep unsigned crapware off the Macs. The Kerio Account Assistant is great, but it can be made better. Why not setup a section in the Kerio admin where we can upload a certificate, and customize the ports that will be used when the accounts are setup?

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