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Custom logo's & retina display's

We can add custom logo's for both the login screen and the kerio connect client. The problem is: they are not retina-ready.

The original login-form logo is retina ready by loading logo.png or logo2x.png on a retina system. But when you set your own logo, it's not retina ready.

The kerio connect client logo is also not retina ready.

It should be a fairly simple addition to make it retina ready and it will greatly improve how our interfaces look.

Can you please add this feature to the next release? It's just a couple minutes work afaik...


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  • Andy Knuts commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Ps: we could modify webmail2.js ourselves to make it retina-ready inside the kerio connect client. It's pretty easy to do. But the kerio connect desktop client isn't loading webmail2.js but using it's own version instead. So it'll break things in case we modify webmail2.js ourselves..
    That's why I hope you guys can add this feature in the next release.

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