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Possibility to create guest Accounts


i think it would be a great idea to have the possibility to create a guest acount from the web interface.

A guest account has no mailaddress and no personal folders. But it could login in the webinterface and connect to imap and caldav/carddav to see all shared folders.

There would be a guest section in the admin interface to reset passwords or to delete guest accounts.

This would allow groupware cooperation between different companies.

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    sorry missed one thing:

    there should be a possibility to enable "normal" users to create guest accounts by entering a full emailaddress in the permissions dialog. If this mailaddress exist, everything is fine. If the mailaddress is unkown yet, a mail with username (the mailaddress), a temporary password and a url to the webinterface is generated and send to the guest and a copy to a admin account.

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