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Clear error message in KOFF when accessing stale "other" mailboxes

Can future releases of KOFF show a clear und end-user ready error-message when it is trying to access other mailboxes which are clearly not longer in existence? This would spare us a lot of time searching for other causes. (While subscribing to a non-existing mailbox koff already is able to tell such a thing - so why not later as well?)

Background: The behavior outlook shows, when a user has (now deleted) other mailboxes subscribed which are now no longer available differs from case to case. Sometimes Outlook completely refuses to start, sometimes it throws "MAPI ERRORS", sometimes some addressbooks are no longer available....

In the most cases its purely the experienced sysadmin which guesses the reason to be those vanished "other mailboxes" in KOFF and is able to fix it.

Oh - and by the way: Trying to delete such subsciptions from KOFF is buggy as well: Last time it took me 5 loops of "deletions" to get the subscription list empty, as some mailboxes kept reappearing in the list!

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