How can we improve Kerio Connect?

implement improved syncing monitor for Kerio Outlook Connector

Currently, when Kerio Outlook Connector syncs, the user has to actively point over the Connector icon in the system tray to see the status of syncing. Then, to see updates, the user must repeatedly move the pointer away from and back onto the icon in order to see sync updates. This is very inefficient and tedious, especially when the user is syncing on a computer for the first time and wants to estimate how far along the sync process is.

Please build the following functionality:
1. When pointing at the Connector icon, instead of showing a static "snapshot" status message, provide realtime updates on the sync.
2. Create a Sync Status window, available by double-clicking the Connector icon, which lists all upcoming and recently completed sync items. This window could also provide details on connection speed, estimated times, etc. This way, the user doesn't have to actively point at an icon to see status; the user can simply open a window and monitor sync.

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