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Centralised Shared Calendar Administration

It should be possible to administer and apply these from the admin console for groups and individual users. Having to tell users to log in to webmail and do it themselves is needlessly cumbersome. Also, central policy should outweigh any user determined preferences.

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  • Jens Rasmussen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have just put 2 votes on the other (duplicate) suggestion, upping it to 202. However, this one should be deleted, to avoid confusion. Thanks to Matt S. for not making me vote for an idea with only 5 votes, duplicated elsewhere. I found it with the Planned status. I think the wording should be changed, as it is not called Delegation anymore (as of the big 8.2 update) but Sharing.

    For me, this feature should be seen in conjunction with my suggestion of reordering shared calendars by the admin: Here @ our company, any user from the domain needs to share her/his calendar to all colleagues, and they should in turn see the calendar in the proper order.

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