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Set custom Blocking-Time for AntiHammering Tool

Until now, it is not possible to set a custom blockingtime for antihammering tool in the webadmin page.

however it is possible to edit the mailserver.cfg:

<table name="AntiHammering">
<variable name="Pop3Enabled">1</variable>
<variable name="ImapEnabled">1</variable>
<variable name="HttpEnabled">1</variable>
<variable name="SmtpEnabled">1</variable>
<variable name="LdapEnabled">1</variable>
<variable name="NntpEnabled">1</variable>
<variable name="FailedLogins">10</variable>
<variable name="CheckTime">60</variable>
<variable name="BlockTime">300</variable>
<variable name="SafeAcl">Local Clients</variable>

it would be great if we could set this blockingtime to more like 300 sec (5min) in the webadmin configuration.

Next thing is, if you change the value in the mailserver.cfg file from 300 to an other value (like 900), the time how long the blocking will be doesn't show up in the webadminpage under advanced option->security. The blue info icon there is only present when blockingtime set to 300 sec, bug?)

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