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Antivirus -> If a wirus is detected in a message -> Forward the original message to the ORIGINAL DESTINATION

Dear Kerio, it is highly impolite, arogant and egoistic, to think, that an IT system "knows better" when doing something, especially when interferring with users data. So while sometimes it may be a neccesary option, to decline the clients their data in an email message when containing virus, but there are definitely cases, when such messages should be marked clearly, but the attachment(s) should be left in place and the messages shall be delivered. Such a decission is definitely NOT up to you, but rather up to the administrator of such a system in cooperation of the owner/investor of the network who is having the final decission. So thatswhy booth impossibilities - to disable outgoing message check as well to deny the delivery of potentially harmfull data without any override option - are to be regarded extremly wrong and egocentric with a hint on the imagination about his/her unfallibility of the software author. While one may appreciate your concern for systems security and the network infrastructure welfare in the todays world, I personally do not feel to be such "big bore" to deny the people their data content and I doubt, that I would like to be part of such an attitude to the users in future.

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