How can we improve Kerio Connect?

Implement inbound DMARC and DKIM checking

The Global,Cyber Alliance is currently running major campaigns to get organisations to enable DMARC on their outbound mail, and Kerio Connect with its ability to have DKIM signed email is contributing to.

Equally important is the requirement for inbound email servers to participate in the DMARC program.

all inbound email into O365, Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail is checked against DMARC records and then either passed, quarantined or rejected based on the SPF and DKIM status of the incoming email.

Kerio Connect needs to have the capability to check a DMARC record upon receipt of an email, then examine SPF and DKIM records, determine the disposition of the email, and then issue a DMARC record back to the recipient specificed in the DMARC record.

This applies both to Kerio Cloud services and also to in-house deployed email services.

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