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Kerio Exchange Migration Tool requiring obsolete Outlook versions and limited functionality

Currently Kerio Exchange Migration Tool requires obsolete Outlook versions (2003 or 2007). Both are out of MS extended support.

This should be remedied ASAP, at least by supporting all current Outlook versions. How new companies could legally get Outlook 2003 or 2007 is beyond my imagination, not to mention how to install it on a new operating system with newer Outlook/Office version.

If you want to stay competitive and encourage sales for migration cases, you should build a robust, all-in-one migration tool for the most migration scenarios (Exchange to Kerio, Office 365 to Kerio, IMAP to Kerio). Migration problems mean a no go for potential sale.

Please also have a look at former requests for a better migration tool with support for:
- commonly used free email/groupware services
- stateful incremental migration process
- migrating to a different domain

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