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cross domain delegation

Delegation is great, but it would be really helpful to be able to delegate across domains on the same Kerio server.

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  • Nico Laemers commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Realy urgent!

    Now with the kerio connect client its even more needed!
    With outlook, thunderbird and other mail clients u can add multiple email accounts, but in the new kerio client u only have your own and all your shares and delegations.

    Cross domain sharing and delegation is now a must have.

    Maby the easy and best way to do is by making domain groups.
    Domain's in the same group can share public folders, Share users folders and delegate.

    Please Kerio give some respone after 3 years!

  • Michael Monnerie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes! Urgent! How should we fix this at the moment? Two companies working tight together, giving each other the right to see some mailboxes. Is there no way to solve that right now? Sometimes even one company has several domains. Would the admin of that company need an account in each domain now? Zarafa had that solved nicely, by defining --add-to-viewlist and --add-to-adminlist.

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