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Generating Reports for Current Users, Group Lists, Mailing Lists and Aliases

Our directors require me to keep an up-to-date spreadsheet of our e-mail setup, with regard to users, group lists, mailing lists, and aliases. We're a small to medium-sized organization (approximately 100 users), but changes are made on a routine basis. It would be great if I could click a button in the web administration interface and generate a CSV, comma delimited, or Excel file contains all of the information in the User submenu, for instance. Something similar could be done for Aliases, as well.

Reports for Group Lists and Mailing Lists could include addtional e-mail addresses under the title of the group or list, and simply list all of the members (Full Name and e-mail address/account name).

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  • Paul Mastrianni commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I completely agree with you. Kerio is lacking in the reporting on Kerio Connect. Maybe one of these days they will include this in their product. I just have a feeling that before this happens we will change platforms simply because we have no reporting capabilities within kerio.

  • Lyle Millander commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The export doesn't include references to aliases. At this time, I don't see a way to generate a report that shows system-wide aliases (both from the alias list and those assigned per user account).
    I'd love to see a report that shows every E-mail address (be it a user, group, alias, user alias, group alias, or mail list) and where that E-mail address leads (internally and forwarded externally).
    There's a "check address" button on the aliases admin page that only checks the aliases on the page. It would be nice if that button could have a global functionality as well.

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