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Apple Address Book Groups Sync

Add the ability for address book to show contact folders as groups or show subfolders. basically, make address book mimic the look of the webmail contact folders. This would be useful since the iPhone does wirelessly separate groups in syncing, but does not separate categories in syncing. So right now, there is a disconnect between iPhone, webmail, and address book. Webmail has Cat and Folders, Address book just shows groups from categories, and iPhone just shows contact folders, so there's no consistent organization between the 3...

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  • Sam W: Klambour commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Addressbook is one of the three central pillars of Kerio Connect. Thus, it's mission critical this central pillar works reliable. Any SMB customer needs an addressbook that works consistent across their devices, namely their iPhones. Addressbook Groups (or whatever you want to call it) are not an optional functionality, this forms an integral part of any professional addressbook solution. It is working just fine in macOS devices (CardDAV account in Apple, it has to work just fine too in iOS devices asap. Thanks.

  • Francis Hampden commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've had to connect our Mac users via ActiveSync so that the webmail folders and group creation on AB are synced. This works OK but the fields in AB are limited compared to the CardDAV ones (email not "work", "home", etc). It is possible to change the categories in WebMail but my users are not going to log into WebMail, then change to look at the old version and look for the category.

    Please can we have the AB functionality? Don't want to use ActiveSync (as we only need this paid add on for groups in AB). It also means that shared contact folders don't appear in AB as users aren't on CardDAV.

  • Humac NOC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1: What does CardDAV specify regarding groups/categories?

    2: Groups in AddressBook is like Categories in Exchange - the card is not Moved to the 'folder' but 'aliased' there, so the card is still in the All folder, but labled with a category.

    3: Webmail seems to act like AB/Outlook in that regard - just somewhat limited.

    4: iPhone uses ActiveSync, so the main issue here is what ActiveSync specify. Can AS sync over Categories on a contact?

    But I agree that this mess needs to be cleaned up - alot!

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