How can we improve Kerio Connect?

allow Kerio Connect accounts and Microsoft Exchange accounts in one Outlook profile

Allow a single Outlook profile (using Kerio Outlook Connector) to utilize Kerio Connect accounts and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

Currently, because Kerio KOFF demands that it be the primary store, and doesn't work with other Exchange accounts, the Exchange accounts cannot be added into the same profile.

Many users have a situation where a computer is to be configured with Kerio Outlook Connector (KOFF) to utilize Kerio Connect via Outlook. The person using the computer also has several IMAP accounts and a few Exchange accounts that they need to keep track of. The Exchange servers hosting the Exchange accounts do not allow IMAP, POP3, or EAS connectivity; they only allow the full Exchange protocol for connections.

Ideally, the user wants to simply open Outlook and see all their various accounts in one place, which makes it easy to keep up with all incoming email.

If they had only Exchange and IMAP accounts, it would be easy; Outlook easily handles this. However, using Kerio Connect limits their ability to use the Exchange accounts.

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